UTPB organization asking for supplies to help the less fortunate

UTPB organization asking for supplies to help the less fortunate

(KWES) - This year will mark Enactus' fourth year to hold 'Matt's Backpacks for the Homeless.' It's a supply raiser, where donors bring in basic necessities, which then gets stuffed in a backpack, and then distributed to homeless people who live in Midland and Odessa.

"We're collecting items such as hygiene products, blankets, sweaters, things of that nature and also canned goods," said Jordan Bradley, Enactus' Project Manager. "We're collecting them to be placed in backpacks and then we'll distribute them here in the Midland and Odessa area."

Instead of providing Christmas gifts to the less fortunate, Enactus focuses on providing essential items that will benefit people in need; especially since winter is right around the corner.

"As the seasons change and it gets colder, there's even more of a need for the homeless to stay warm and comfortable to help them stay alive," said Bradley.

This year's goal is to raise around 600 filled backpacks.

The organization will hand half of the backpacks at The Salvation Army in Midland on Christmas Day, and then the other half at The Salvation Army in Odessa. Enactus will also help serve dinner at the Odessa location on Christmas.

Item(s) and or backpacks can be dropped off at various drop off locations across UTPB's campus or inside of the Mesa building, just ask for Jordan Bradley or you can call him at (803) 743-6019.

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