Twin sisters taking over Lady Chap backcourt

Twin sisters taking over Lady Chap backcourt

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Alexis and Alexandria Washington are twin sisters that make up the Lady Chaparral backcourt. The two graduated from, Midland High. They are now in their sophomore year at Midland College studying nursing.

You might be picking up on their twin telepathy, but the pair will tell you they aren't exactly two of a kind.

"Oh, we're different. She talks more you see how many questions she answered at first," said Alexandrea.

Although, the Washington sisters are almost always seen side by side.

"We're always together. We're never apart I think we've been separated like once.The coaches tried to get us in separate rooms but we were like no we can't do that. We share a car, we have the same friends," said Alexis and Alexandrea.

The duo successfully helped Midland College take a trip to the Region V Tournament for a 23rd consecutive year.

As returners, they're taking on leadership roles and have high hopes for this season, while also enjoying the guaranteed time they have left in the same jerseys as their futures are uncertain.

"We hope we stay together. I'm still deciding if I wanna play or not, but if not, I'll just go to school wherever she does," said Alex.

After spending Turkey Day with their family, they'll be playing in the Sonic Thanksgiving Classic in Odessa.

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