West Texans flying out this Thanksgiving

West Texans flying out this Thanksgiving
Midland International Airport. (Source: KWES)

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - As Thanksgiving approaches some West Texans are ready to head out for the holiday and see family.

"I haven't been home in four months, so I am excited," said, Aaron Boucker, traveler.

1.6 million people are expected to travel compared to last year; which is higher than it's ever been since 2005. According to AAA, 3.95 million people are expected to fly and 45 million people are planning to drive.

But, the West Texans we talked to wanted to stick to skyline and not the roadways.

"I came in and did not expect a line like this morning, so we came in and we walked up there. I would definitely recommend you have somebody drive you off. We were trying to have some drop you because parking wasn't possible," said, Nathaniel Altman, traveler.

"You know, try to be nice. Everybody is in a rush but you need to be nice," said, Maurisco Urenn, traveler.

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