Soup kitchen looking to raise $20,000 for homeless to eat this holiday

Soup kitchen looking to raise $20,000 for homeless to eat this holiday

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Helping those with no place to turn for the holidays.

"A few years back I thought goodness, there are so many people that really depend on us for a nightly meal and it just kind of bothered me that they go without for 2 weeks," said Trisha Weatherford, Executive Director, Breaking Bread Soup Kitchen.

The Breaking Bread Soup Kitchen in Midland is doing that for the hundreds they help per day.

"We serve 60 for breakfast and between150-200 for dinner," said Weatherford.

Hundreds that will also need help when the kitchen is closed for 2 weeks next month.

"We serve almost double the amount of people that we did 3 years ago," said Weatherford.

Coincidentally, 3 years ago that's when the Breaking Bread decided to start a gift card program. $10,000 dollars was raised the first year, but now Trisha Weatherford and others want to double it to $20,000 this year, and they're half way there.

"It's just a beautiful thing to think we are able to provide food for people who probably wouldn't have food for the whole 2 weeks that we are closed," said Weatherford.

Each client would get $100 in gift cards to local restaurants. A gesture that left a lasting impression on those in the past.

"Last year, one of the men I handed the envelope to and told him what was in it, he grabbed me and hugged me, tears streaming down his face and said, I didn't know how I was going to eat until my social security check came in," said Weatherford. 

Three weeks are left for the soup kitchen to reach their goal. A goal Weatherford hopes the community can help them attain.

"When we open our doors and we welcome them in with hugs and smiles and huge plates of food, they get to feel a little bit of normal in an otherwise UN-normal world," said Weatherford.

On Wednesday, the soup kitchen will be passing out 200 bags of food for Thanksgiving. For more information on how to donate to help them reach their goal of $20,000, see below:

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