Looking back on the Bulldogs season

Looking back on the Bulldogs season

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - There were a lot of "news" this year for the Bulldogs, including a new coach and several new players settling into key positions. Transitions like those are never easy, but Midland High didn't just make it through the season, they made it to the playoffs.

Although, the Bulldogs started their 2017 campaign by losing all 4 of their non-district games.

"We're not at the point that we wanna be, but the non-district schedule is exactly what it sounds like, it's the non-district schedule. Those are the games that you learn from and that's what we're taking out of it and we fully expect to go out to compete to be a playoff team," said Coach Tim Anuszkiewicz, after week 5 of the season.

Midland High found their first wins in October, putting themselves in position to be 1 of the lucky 4 from District 2-6A.

"Their goal is to go out and play hard and give themselves a chance and I think we've done that in nearly every game in district. So, our mindset right now is to be a playoff football team and to win every game the rest of the way out," said Coach Anuszkiewicz, after week 9 of the season.

They lost to the district leaders, San Angelo Central by 1 touchdown, proving they were a different team than back in August and a team deserving of postseason play.

"We're a 0-0 playing a 0-0 in the playoffs, so anything can happen and we don't have a problem being the Cinderella story," said Coach Anuszkiewicz before the playoffs.

While they might not have found that fairytale ending, these Dawgs found a way to earn their program a fourth straight playoff appearance.

"For them to make the playoffs was a reward for their hard work and dedication and leadership that we saw throughout the year," said Coach Anuszkiewicz.

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