Midland Chamber of Commerce urging residents, businesses to Adopt a Chamber

Midland Chamber of Commerce urging residents, businesses to Adopt a Chamber
Small Business still recovering. Orange, Texas (Source:Nellwyn Barnett)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Many of our fellow Texans in South Texas are still trying to pull the pieces together after being struck by hurricane Harvey only a few months ago.

The Midland Chamber of Commerce wants to do something about that and are asking people and business to adopt a chamber in places like Orange, Texas, that are still overcoming the damage occurred with the hurricane.

To join in, you have to pay for one-year of the membership for a chamber that you would like to adopt.

Keeping business alive and well is important to our local and national economy.

According to U.S. Small Business Administration, more than 4.4 million people are employed by a small business owner and its job growth like that keep the economy healthy and growing.

"What's important to remember is your local chamber of commerce is fighting for your business community, and that has such a trickle-down effect. Without a strong business community, you don't have good jobs and if you don't have good jobs, families suffer," said Nellwyn Barnett, Vice-President of Midland Chamber of Commerce.

By becoming a part of the adopt the chamber, you will help keep alive a place for large to small business owners to get support of services.

"To encourage the company that you work for, think about that, you get a paycheck from a company that puts food on your table. They put presents under your Christmas tree, without those jobs you don't have the quality of life that you have. Encourage your business to support this to support the adopt a chamber program," said Barnett.

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