Odessa woman crochets hats for those in need

Odessa woman crochets hats for those in need

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - "When it gets cold outside, you wear a hat," Heather Summerlin says. She runs her own business, Southern Stichin' by Summerlin where she crochets many different items.

One thought sparking an idea to help others.

"When it got cold outside at my husband's work, I made him and all the shop guys hats," said Summerlin. "I wonder if I could make a whole bunch of hats to hand out for the homeless people when it starts to get cold this year."

The idea became a new year resolution to make 300 hats to hand out to those in need.

"I ended up just going ahead and deciding like it's already starting to get a little cold outside, and it would be selfish to keep all those hats until I got to exactly 300. So, we went ahead and decided to hand them out and I was able to make and donate 247 hats," said Summerlin.

The Summerlin family drove around and were only able to hand out four hats, so they turned to Facebook for help.

"So I was like, I'll post on the trading site on Facebook, saying, 'hey, do you know where a homeless person might be so that might need a hat?' and most people were really helpful commenting on there like, 'I see here sometimes, there's one man that I've just seen here' and so we went to all those places," said Summerlin.

She ended up donating 2 boxes of hats to Jesus Connection Church in Odessa. One box stayed there and the second went to help those in Midland.
Now, Summerlin is working on a new resolution.

She says, "I just really love it, and I just, really helping people and doing something to help. But no matter what we decide to do, we're going to use my business to give back to the community or to help someone. So,I definitely do plan on continuing that. Not just next year, but indefinitely."

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