Local group working to make sure less fortunate kids get gifts for Christmas

Local group working to make sure less fortunate kids get gifts for Christmas

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Sometimes families can't afford presents on Christmas.

"Their parents can't give them the blessing of a great Christmas and we feel there is so many people in this community that love to help our children," said Cheryl Brown, volunteer with 3:11 Ministries.

Brown and others at 3:11 Ministries are trying to make sure kids in Midland I.S.D. get a gift by having families sponsor them.

"We get children from our local schools and the guidance counselors pick those children out. They let the parents know we will help them out for Christmas," said Brown.

Each year, the need for sponsors grows. Last year, a little over 1,200 kids were sponsored, this year close to 1,500, with 75 families awaiting their child to buy presents for.

"If there's a child that goes to elementary school here and they have older siblings in other schools here in Midland, we help with those children also," said Brown.

Wishes for the kids range from a race car to prayers.

"We still need a bunch of people to help with these children and these families," said Brown.

Thanksgiving is a few days away but after that comes Christmas.

"We've had a tremendous support so far. We're just looking for a few more families to help us out so we can bless all these children," said Brown.

Sometimes families can't afford presents. Brown and 3:11 is making sure they get the gifts they need anyway.

If want to become a sponsor see below.

Volunteers are also working on a new project for older kids. It's called "Santa Express."

Junior High kids who were sponsored in the last five years would get a gift card to get the presents they want.

"A child's mentality would be I want a toy. This child just wants soap to take a bath. It's very heart-wrenching and we are all grateful to be apart of such a moving project with our community here in Midland," said Amy Madrid, volunteer with 3:11 Ministries.

The project kicks-off after all the younger kids have been given sponsor families.

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