From Kent State to Odessa College, Alonzo Walker's path to West Texas

From Kent State to Odessa College, Alonzo Walker's path to West Texas

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Toronto native Alonzo Walker had a different path to joining the Odessa College Men's Basketball team than most players. Surprisingly, Walker started playing basketball as a high schooler in 10th grade. When basketball started to develop into his passion, Walker realized he could take this game further than he had imagined.

"I got a letter from Detroit Mercy at a young age so when I saw my letter, I was like I can really be a Division I basketball player so I worked every day," said Walker.

After showcasing his talents in the CIA Bounce Caribana Classic in Canada, Kent State University offered him a scholarship to play Division I basketball. After 2 seasons, one as a red shirt, Walker decided to take his talents to West Texas where he saw a better opportunity to grow on the court.

"It basically gave me a chance to be re-recruited with everyone else again. I can have another opportunity to go back to a Division I school," said Walker.

Moving from Ohio to Odessa was an adjustment for Walker, but with the connection from an old teammate, he adapted easy.

"When I first got here, I was nervous. I'm not going to lie," said Walker. "I didn't know what the people would be like. When I first got here, I met some really nice people, really inviting and really warming. I wasn't as nervous and I met Coach CJ. Coach CJ is one of my former teammates coaches and told me he's a great person and when I met him everything was good."

The 6'6" forward has high expectations for himself during this season.

"I want to average a double-double and to win. I don't like losing at all so my goal is to win and get myself back at Division I level," said Walker.

In addition to wanting play at a high level, Walker's biggest dream is to earn four rings in his collegiate career. He won one at Kent State last season and hopes to win one this year with Odessa College.

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