BBQ fundraiser for local 2-year-old boy

BBQ fundraiser for local 2-year-old boy

Here at Jack Jordan's BBQ in Odessa, there are cookies, cupcakes, and all sorts of items for auction to help Carl Benjamin Peterson, or CB for short. Just like any 2-year-old he's full of energy, but there is something about him that makes him different from other toddlers.

"Carl is two and he has a lump on his neck," says Carl Peterson, CB's dad.

A lump doctors will remove and test. However, CB is not the only one in his family who has experienced this abnormality.
"I am a cancer survivor," says Carl, "When I was a child, I had a lump come up on my neck. And turns out it was Hodgkin's disease. "
CB will have this procedure done on December 1st, and friends of the Peterson family have set up a benefit to help raise money to cover the medical costs.  Restaurant owner Jimmy Jordan says it's the Petersons turn to get taken care of.
"Carl and Marie, as a family, are very giving people have done this for many people," Says Jordan.
Carl and Marie have raised money for others. They helped raise funds after last year's fire at Penwell Raceway, and for the victims of the panhandle fire. Now others are helping them.

"As he's done in the time of need, so it's his turn," Jordan says.
"You know, I guess just karma. What goes around, comes around," Carl says, "There have been so many people that have stepped up to help us out. It's just phenomenal."

The Peterson's are expressing every bit of gratitude for all of the support they have been receiving.
"You know I just honestly can't thank everybody enough for all of the help and prayers and support. It's a huge, huge lesson in humility. You know when you find out how much people want to help were so," says Carl.CB's mom, Marie, adds, "Its a very humbling experience. We're very thankful."

If you weren't able to go to the fundraiser today, but still want to help the family out visit there Red Basket link here.

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