Midland organizations team up with the Midland Fire Department to help senior citizens homes

Midland organizations team up with the Midland Fire Department to help senior citizens homes

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It was a day of Midlanders helping other Midlanders.

The Midland Fire Department's Community Risk Reduction team found 3 homes earlier this year that were in need of repairs. Volunteers worked through the morning to rid of fire and safety hazards.

"It's very rewarding, to know that we can all come together and be able to do something this big of a job that you know you wouldn't have been able to do by yourself," said Administrator Shannon Cortez. "We created a group called CAC, Community Advisory Council. We have different aspects from the community that all came together under one umbrella to help."

Organizations from Angels Home Health Care, Hands of Compassion, Radical Generosity, Senior Link and Midland Memorial Hospital teamed up with the Midland Fire Department Friday morning.

At one home, volunteers worked hours from cutting down bushes, cleaning up the backyard, to cutting down a tree next to a power line. It was a change for the homeowner, Maryann Allison, who said now her home feels safer.

"Oh, it's wonderful. I was so worried about that tree, I was afraid the limb would come off and fall in the street and cause an accident, or I was afraid it was going to come through the house," said Allison.

Maryann, who loves working in the yard, said there comes a time when she's unable to work the way she used to.

"When you get to be a certain age, you don't have the strength," Allison said. "My hands don't work real well to get a whopper and cut things. I'd be swinging from a limb."

But after the work was complete, she's feeling grateful now that her home is an even sweeter home sweet home.

"They did a fabulous job. It's absolutely unbelievable and it's just a godsend," said Allison.

The CAC said next year, they aim to help more houses. They also plan to provide more service to the community. If you're interested in volunteering, click here.

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