Army sergeant comes home early, surprises mom

Army sergeant comes home early, surprises mom
Army Sgt. Home for the holidays

(KWES) - Screams for joy were heard all over Chito's Restaurant in Midland, caused by Melba Bailin, when she was surprised by her son, Sgt. Baltazar Martinez, who came home early from serving a tour in South Korea.

"I have been planning and tricking my mom by telling her I was going to come home on the 20th of November, but surprise, surprise," said Sgt. Martinez.

It's been a year since these two have seen each other, and the first few months of their separation was not easy.

"For the first few months, communication with my mom was difficult until I got a Korean cell phone. But that was still hard because of the 14 hour time difference," said Sgt. Martinez.

So, who else would have been a better person for Sgt. Martinez to trick than the person who has been anticipating his arrival the most?

"I didn't plan for media to be here. I only thought I was going to surprise my mom with something simple like Whataburger or something more subtle," said Sgt. Martinez.

"Now that he's home I'm going to cook his favorite meal, Menudo," said Bailin.

Martinez will be in Midland for the next 20 days and is heading to Seattle for his next tour.

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