Midland police officers are going undercover for Cop in a Shop

Midland police officers are going undercover for Cop in a Shop


MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Convenience store clerks might be running your transactions the next time you stop at a gas station. Or it could be an undercover police officer.

The Midland Police Department is bringing back their Cop in a Shop, a program where officers will dress as gas station employees and keeping their eye out for crime.

"We're a proactive department. We're going to catch these bad guys and put them up," said Sgt. Jimmy Young with the Midland Police Department.

Police officers will be teaming up with gas stations like 7-11, Stripes, Jack's and Kent Kwik to be that extra eye in case trouble walks in.

"We had great success from Cop in a Shop last year," said Meredith Bright, Kent Kwik Director of Corporate Communications. "We saw theft numbers drastically reduce."

Midland police tell us there were no attempted robberies while they were undercover during the last Cop in the Shop, but they did notice minor crimes like thefts.

"Theft is always an issue in convenience store, it's unfortunate," said Bright. "However, all our locations are monitored every single day, 24/7. So this is just another added procedure that's a great step for us just to offer that extra bit of safety for our guests."

After the program started back in January, convenience store robberies jumped down from 1-4 robberies a month to 0. It stayed like that for 5 months, but now the number has gone up, with 5 robberies in the past five months.

"We want store employees to feel safe just like me and you. We want them to feel safe so they can go home to their families," said Young.

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