New burial policy could be coming to Fairview Cemetery

New burial policy could be coming to Fairview Cemetery

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Midland County Commissioners might change the burial policy at Fairview Cemetery.

The Fairview staff spoke to the commissioners about the benefits of concrete vaults at the Midland County Commissioner meeting on Monday.

We're told, right now cemeteries are not required to have concrete casings, but they're said to provide better protection when it rains and are supposed to be easier to transport.

Fairview Cemetery recently had to relocate a body after a family requested to move a loved one to a different location. The body was in a concrete casing which made it easier for shipment.

There are rarely any requests for disinterment in Midland County. But in the event that there is, the cemetery said the process can make it easier with a policy change.

County commissioners said they haven't made any decisions on a policy change yet, but they are expected to talk about it at their next meeting.

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