Odessa College Women's Basketball nationally ranked #10

Odessa College Women's Basketball nationally ranked #10

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Odessa College Women's Basketball team is nationally ranked #10 and last year they were a national quarter-finalist. So far, this season the Lady Wranglers are undefeated with 7 new players on their roster. Odessa College is still trying to get into a rhythm despite having a 6-0 record.

"At times we're really good, we play well together, we share the ball, we're making extra passes, and we really look good offensively. We communicate on defense, we help one another, and we rebound. When we play that way we're really, really good. Now too much of the time right now we're taking tough shots and we're not getting enough ball movement. We're not helping each other enough defensively. We're not talking enough. We've got too many bad minutes and we've got to get better and play more consistent," said Baten.

While last season's impressive 29-3 record enhanced the winning culture Odessa likes to embody, Baten knows that he has a new team and is entirely focused on this year.

"Most of our team is new and we accept that and you know that's kind of the fun thing about junior college. You basically start over every year. Not just us,  everybody. We're going to play up to the standard that we set for ourselves," said Baten.

Although there are many fresh faces on the roster, they still have the same goal in mind.

"Win conference and go all out and get a ring. I think we're off to a good start. We still have a lot of stuff to work on and it's only the beginning of the season so we're only going to get better so I think we have a really good chance," said Odessa College Guard, Camryn Wilson.

The Lady Wranglers look to stay undefeated as they take on Salt Lake Community College this Thursday in Midland.

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