UTPB's Free Store offers free items to student body, community

UTPB's Free Store offers free items to student body, community

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The University of Texas of the Permian Basin has a store that lends a hand to the community.

"It's just like one hand washes the other, people help each other out," said Rebecca Babcock, UTPB Professor, Faculty Advisor for Free Store.

UTPB's Student Cooperative Club is doing just that with its Free Store, everything in it is free.

"We always wanted a store where we can have the stuff on display where people can take whatever they want and leave whatever they didn't want," said Babcock.

Clothes, movies, shoes, even food, open for the public and the student body to take. Babcock got the idea for the store, hundreds of miles away.

"I used to live in Boston. In Boston, they have a food co-op where they have the groceries downstairs, upstairs they had a free store where people could just go up there and take whatever they wanted and leave whatever they wanted," said Babcock.

The store filled with donations, has been helping students and locals for almost 5 years, but it could use a little help themselves.

"I think what we need is more volunteers to help. Because a lot of the times students want to throw their stuff away because it's too inconvenient to bring it here," said Babcock.

For a store created to help, Babcock and the Student Cooperative Club will continue to use what they have make sure they are doing what they can.

"If anybody in the community has any nice things you can no longer use or you think some college students or other community members might use, please bring it to us," said Babcock.

If you want to donate to the store, you can contact Dr. Babcock directly at (432) 552-2304.

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