Big Spring man finishes New York City Marathon

Big Spring man finishes New York City Marathon

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Mike Solis is returning to Big Spring from the Big Apple after running in the New York City marathon on Sunday.

"It is a 26.2-mile block party. I mean the crowd is cheering people, yelling from their windows. It was a great experience," said Solis.

The race in NYC was Solis's second 26.2 mile sprint. His first was in Austin back in February.

"I just got the itch after I did that first marathon, I knew I had to do another one," said Solis.

Solis says he's not just hooked on running for his health, it's also a way he furthers his faith.

"You have an open mind and you're just free when you're running. It's just you and the ground, that's all you see and of course when I'm running I pray a lot too as well," said Solis.

He often trains with the Stonegate Fellowship Church running group in Midland.

"They help me, they encourage me and then I encourage them as well," said Solis.

Solis qualified to run in New York by being selected from the lottery. He hopes his luck comes through again as he's already entered for the Chicago marathon.

Solis is set to run in the Rock N' Roll Marathon in San Antonio in just a few weeks.

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