Fire officials urging caution while using space heaters

Fire officials urging caution while using space heaters
Space heater. (Source: KWES)

(KWES) - With the cold weather, fire officials are urging you to be careful if you have a space heater.

The National Fire Protection Association says space heaters make 32 percent of fatal home heating fires.

Half of fatal space heater fires started because of items that were too close to the heater and ignited.

Items that catch fire quick are ones that can burn like upholstered furniture, clothing, mattresses or bedding.

"Make sure you have adequate clearance with space heaters. Space heaters aren't designed to heat your house, they're just for small locations. Keep a 36-inch clearance with space heaters from anything that can be readily combustible," said Midland Fire Marshal, David Hickman.

Make sure you always turn heaters off when you leave the room or when you go to bed and always plug them directly into a wall outlet instead of an extension cord.

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