City of Midland moving forward after road bond passes

City of Midland moving forward after road bond passes

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The problems of today will no longer be the problems of tomorrow. With the Midland road bond passing, now the city can get a jump start on the process.

"We knew 3 years ago, we had major issues with our roadway system. With the 5-year plan, we recognized we need a bond that sizable enough to make this happen," said Engineering Services Director, Jose Ortiz.

On Tuesday night, both propositions for roads and utilities passed and city staff isn't taking any breaks. In two weeks, come Nov. 21, the Midland City Council will begin the first step to issue the request for proposals for the first 4 projects. These projects include Taylor and Hicks Avenue with utility work, plus Greentree Boulevard and Cuthbert Avenue but without utilities, since those roads don't need utility improvement. After, the city will issue the first $25 million in bonds.

"I'm just unbelievably excited," said Midland City Councilman, J. Ross Lacy. "To finally get a win for the City of Midland and have long-term funding in place for capital improvement projects, this is a great step in the right direction. At last, the City of Midland can really start moving us forward and preparing for the future growth we're going to experience."

Although the city's drainage projects are separate from the road bond, the bond can make minor improvements to flooding areas like Garfield Street.

"What happens is they pump it uphill underground, then it comes from out underground, and goes down the gutter, and down the valley gutter on Garfield Street. We're going to put a storm drainage pipe that connects to the Scharbauer Draw system to eliminate that," said Lacy.

The city staff hope they can get the funding in time by February of 2018, which is the estimated time Midlanders may start seeing construction for utilities. Once warmer weather approaches, the asphalt will start getting placed.

For a map of the roads that will be fixed, click here.

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