Ector County I.S.D. brainstorming new ideas following Election Day results

Ector County I.S.D. brainstorming new ideas following Election Day results

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Now that the bond and tax rate didn't pass, Ector County I.S.D. has to figure out how to deal will overcrowding again.

"We're crowded but we're crowded at every level," said Tom Crowe, Superintendent with Ector County I.S.D.

Tuesday night's elections were supposed to help fix that issue for Ector County I.S.D. Crowe added the district has different ideas on how to manage.

"We're going to have to look at doing some redistribution of students for next year at the elementary level. We've got some schools that have some room," said Crowe.

There's even discussions about having portable buildings.

"We've got the Early College High Schools that next year will take on 100 more students each because we'll be adding a grade level, but they're limited to 400 students at each of those campuses. Of course, New Tech Odessa is limited as well for the number of students," said Crowe.

So many students, that's why the district believed the bond and tax election was needed.

"I let the kids down. I let the community down. We're not going to wallow in it. We're not going to cry about it. We're going to say what can we do better so that the community understands the need," said Crowe.

With the needs of almost 32,000 students and the 55 added just this week.

"We've got to go out to the public and we've got to explain all this again. Obliviously we need to explain it better than we did last time," said Crowe.

The district wants to have a plan for their growing population, sooner rather than later.

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