Odessa citizens start petition to remove councilwoman

Odessa citizens start petition to remove councilwoman

Some Odessa residents in district three have started a petition in order to get Councilwoman Barbara Graff to resign from her elected position.

So far, they have 600 names on the petition.

"Our goal is to have 2-thousand signatures by November 21st," said Craig Stoker, a concerned citizen. "There's been a pattern merging with the city council and a few things that have concerned me are looking at deals that Odessa now lost to Midland.

That deal was with oil and gas company Weir which was to consolidate all Weir service centers in the Midland/Odessa area into one facility.

"That would've provided jobs and tax revenue in Odessa because of the votes of the council which I don't feel explain why they voted that way that deal has been lost to Midland," said Stoker.

She told us the reason the city council decided against it was that she wanted to make better use of taxpayer dollars. The dollars are what she says can be used for schools and hospitals in Ector County.

"We've got a bond election going on right now because we need more money to expand our school system," said Graff." Why on earth would I want to injure the young people of our county by depriving our school district of tax dollars? It doesn't make sense."

But residents say they're still looking for more answers like why former city manager Richard Morton was fired.

"You look at projects like the convention center downtown to fire him in the middle of that project did make a whole lot of sense," said Stoker. "To do it without a lot of public explanation as to why makes absolutely no sense."

The residents have created a Facebook group called, "draining the swamp" where they're keeping track of all signature rallies and also plan to bring the signatures to residents homes.

Councilwoman Graff tells us in response to the petition. She's have always been about transparency.

"I think it would be nice before you start the petition if you find out whats really going on," said Graff.

Residents said if they get 2,000 signatures by Nov. 21, they'll turn it into the city. The city will have ten days to verify, and after that, residents say they'll move on from there.

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