Downtown Midland aiming to be walker, biker friendly

Downtown Midland aiming to be walker, biker friendly
(Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Downtown Midland is aiming to be more walker and biker friendly.

The city was given $500,000 in grant money from the Texas Department of Transportation.

It will be used for bicycle and walking lanes.

As well as sidewalk ramps, fixing curbs, and medians.

The city says they are adding $125,000 to the project.

The revamp will take place on a few different streets in downtown.

Officials hope the new addition will bring more people to visit downtown. 

"When they're getting around downtown, so providing friendly environments for pedestrians and bicyclists is one of our goals, so people feel safe to use those modes of transportation withers that coming to downtown or leaving downtown," said Christina Odenborg, Downtown Development Coordinator.

Bicyclists and walkers will have to wait just a bit.

The project doesn't start until 2019.

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