Midland High player finds second home following death of his mother

Midland High player finds second home following death of his mother

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Suiting up on Friday's playing under the big stadium lights will always hold a special place for Midland High's senior football player Marcus Sanchez.

Marcus started playing football in the 7th grade where he developed a passion for the sport. But before starting high school 4 years ago, Marcus' life changed forever. Marcus' mother, Lori Sanchez-McKee passed away in July of 2014 with myelodysplastic syndrome.

"It was horrible. That was my best friend, my number one person. Every problem I had, I went to her about. Every situation I was in, I went to her. That was my go-to person for everything and it left such a gap in my life, that it was unbearable. I still grieve over it sometimes cause it's my mom. She never got to watch me play high school football," said Sanchez.

The loss of Lori left a hole in the Sanchez family, but Marcus and his family have found ways to honor her legacy she left behind.

"That was the rock of our family. She was a peace keeper, she loved doing things with the family. She was always smiling no matter what the situation was, so we had to fill that gap and smile for her. Before majority of my games, I write her birthday and death date down on my wrist or something that resembles her," said Sanchez.

Bulldog football has developed into Marcus' home away from home and they have been by his side not only as teammates, but as family.

"They're always there for me. They help me bring me up just knowing that I have an angel over me and I truly believe it. It's a bond that I'm so thankful I'm apart of because I needed them. I'm proud to be a Bulldog because of the team I have," said Sanchez.

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