The worst type of candy for kids on Halloween

The worst type of candy for kids on Halloween

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's one of the fun parts about Halloween, kids are able to dress up while getting lots of candy. But too much consumption can lead to cavities, especially for the kiddos.

"The anatomy of kids' teeth is a lot more vulnerable to getting cavities because of the way the enamel is formed," said Dr. Shaily Gupta. "It's a lot thinner and a lot less mineralized that's why it's a lot more vulnerable to get cavities for kids and once they get it, they spread very fast."

Obviously, all types of candies are bad for you but doctors say the ones you should look out for are candies like Snickers and Tootsie Rolls. Sticky and chewy candies get stuck in between the teeth cause them to convert into acids and erode the teeth.

But staying away from candy may be tricky for the little ones, so the best way to prevent kids from getting cavities is having them eat the candy with a meal and make sure they brush their teeth after. Having water at hand also helps while they munch down their treats.

"Swish your mouth with water after you eat the candy," said Gupta. "It helps bring the acidic content in our mouth a lot low because it acts as a buffer."

That's why Kool Smiles Dentistry is aiming to keep your kids' teeth healthy by trading candy for toys. The candy donated is sent in care packages to those serving overseas. So not only are you helping kids have a healthy smile, but you're also giving back to those who serve.

"They're there fighting for us, and it's just a way to give our love to them prevent cavities in our society which is so rampant nowadays," said Gupta.

You can drop off the candies at any Kool Smiles location until Nov. 4. The Odessa address is 1613 N County Rd W and the Midland address is 1000 N Midkiff Rd.

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