Parents brainstorm ideas to help their kids who think they have nowhere to turn

Parents brainstorm ideas to help their kids who think they have nowhere to turn

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Parents with kids in Ector County ISD are looking for answers. Answers, so they can help their kids who may be struggling.

"My heart was broken," said Sumyr Walker.

Many times, that struggle often happens alone.

"I felt horrible that even though I talk to my kid everyday about how school is and what's going, I didn't know," said Walker.

For Walker, it wasn't easy learning about her son's troubles.

"Well we found out my child was being bullied and tried to kill himself this last Monday," said Walker.

Finding out her child could be like others, Walker wanted to do something and fast.

"We want our kids to go and learn. We want our kids to be safe but we've got to do something as parents too. We can't just rely on the educators and the administrators that are there," said Walker.

She along with other parents will be looking to take action. Starting with their first meeting to find solutions to these problems their kids face.

"Now I'm even more ready to get in there and let's do something. Let's figure something out. We have to do something as parents," said Walker.

The hope, more parents step up.

"Let our teachers teach. Let them worry about taking care of our kids' education. Why can't the parents step up and say hey we're here and we're going to help," said Walker.

To let their child know it's OK to tell them what's wrong.

Walker and others formed a new parent coalition to come up with ideas on how to speak to their kids about bullying other issues. Their first meeting is at 6:15 at San Jacinto Park in Odessa.

Both Ector County ISD and Midland ISD say they have counselors in place to talk to students when they need it.

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