Midland Co. gets new K-9 after family's $10,000 donation

Midland Co. gets new K-9 after family's $10,000 donation

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - The Midland County Sheriff's Office has a new K-9 in town. It's all thanks to a Midland man and his family who donated $10,000, the money needed for the dog and training.

Chasing after bad guys and sniffing out drugs is just what K-9 Duke and his handler, Deputy Robert Strahan do.

Earl Erdmann met Strahan and the K-9 Duke when they were at an event and were showing kids how they fight crime. That's when Erdmann noticed something different.

"I noticed the dog getting tired and I went up and talked to the sheriff and he told me the dog was getting old," said Erdmann. "I talked to the handler and said we're fixing to retire the dog, I said, I want to buy you a new dog."

So Erdmann donated $10,000, the donation was cleared through commissioners court, training for Duke took about 4-5 months. All Erdmann asked is that his daughter could be a part of the donation.

"We got to hand the dog off at the commissioner's court, my daughter was allowed to walk the dog out and hand it over to the handler, it was a very moving moment, I promise ya, it was amazing," said Erdmann.

The sheriff's department only has one other K-9 team. The 10-year-old retired K-9 is living the rest of his days with the Strahan family and Duke.

"These dogs put their life on the line every day, they help you and I, they help the community, they're an asset, they can save an officer's life or your life," said Erdmann. "It's just something that my family and I thought we should do."

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