Notes of Love for a Marine and former Midland police officer on Thursday

Notes of Love for a Marine and former Midland police officer on Thursday

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - He served the Midland community and his country. On Thursday, Midlanders will be thanking him for it. Builders are still in the process of building a mortgage-free home for a Marine and former Midland police officer, Sgt. Jake Churchwell.

Churchwell is a combat veteran who did two tours prior to working with the Midland Police Department. In a few months, he'll have another welcome home.

"We really felt good as an organization that he has roots here in the community," said Permian Homes President, Dave Cook. "He was injured serving his direct community. That's why we decided on that family."

Operation Finally Home with the help of Permian Homes teamed up to build a new home for Churchwell and his family. It's still in the process and right now, it's in mid-construction. There's no insulation, tiles or drywall yet. But before they go up, the framing, which gives his home support, will be covered in notes from those who support him.

"We get the community involved, we get the police department," said Cook. "They're all invited to write a scripture, a thought, anything inspirational they would want to say thank you to the family for his service."

Permian Homes Assistant Superintendent Cesar Medina is also a veteran. Which is why he says there was no question when it came to helping another veteran.

"Being a prior Marine, once you find out another Marine needs assistance, it was an automatic thing," said Medina. "It's not about should I or should I not? It comes with it. It's about a brotherhood. It's a family that extends beyond anything you can imagine."

Churchwell's home is made with building materials, but it's also a home built with love.

The Notes of Love will start at 10 a.m. on Thursday on 1110 Day Break Way in Midland. It's open to the public.

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