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10 years later, life saving technology continues to help Ector County Sheriff's Office

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For ten years, it’s been saving lives in Ector County, one beep at a time

“Project Lifesaver is designed for those individuals that tend to wander off, Alzheimer’s patients, kids with autism,” said Sheriff Mike Griffis, Ector County Sheriff’s Office.

A transmitter is shaped like a watch is placed on the person’s ankle or wrist. When a caregiver notices their loved one is gone, signals are sent to deputies to help find them.

100% percent of the time.

“We get missing persons calls all the time. Normally on an average year, we get two to three that involve a Project Lifesaver individual,” said Griffis.

The time it takes to find someone is cut in half, which means reunions are that much quicker.

“It kind of gives those caregivers a peace of mind knowing that if the one they are caring for wanders off, we’re going to go out and find those individuals,” said Griffis.

The technology has worked for the county for the last decade.

“It kind of makes it nice to know that we’re going to find this individual no matter what,” said Griffis.

The hope is the next crop deputies use the technology for another ten years.

If you have a loved one and want to enroll them in the Project Lifesaver program it's free. Just contact the Ector County Sheriff’s Office at (432) 335-3060..

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