Fresh produce, food trucks soon to come in Downtown Midland lot

Fresh produce, food trucks soon to come in Downtown Midland lot

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Soon, you may see some vendors in Downtown Midland. The Midland City Council approved the authorization for farmers and food trucks to use an empty lot on Ohio and Colorado St.

Sonny Aguilar, a small business owner, runs Bus 22. It's a food truck that hasn't been in use for about a year. But soon, he'll be able to bring it back in business in the vacant lot.

"You know, I'm very excited. I'm so excited," said Aguilar. "I know our clientele have missed her, I've missed her. It's perfect for Midland."

A city ordinance prevented him from operating because Bus 22 offers seating on the food truck, but now he'll be able to have seats in the parking lot. After a year, Bus 22 will be back in operation.

Aguilar, along with other local farmers, will be able to use the space as a pop-up market thanks to the Midland City Council.

"I'm excited by the pop-up market concept," said Councilman John B. Love III. "This is going to be an opportunity for individuals to come down during the day or the weekend, get good locally grown produce. It's going to add a different type of flair to downtown and we're hoping it would increase downtown traffic."

Across the street from the vacant lot is a small store called So Fly. It's run by Gloria Salazar and she hopes the pop-up market will bring more customers walking in her door.

"Lately, it's been tough," said Salazar. "Because traffic has decreased for us at this location. It's been a little difficult. But we're here and I think the pop-up market will be a good thing for us."

There's no set times for when the pop-up market will be open yet, they have to make sure the vendors and the lighting engineers will be on board so they can be ready to go.

"I have to thank all our councilmen and our mayor for being so supportive of what we've been trying to do for the last two years," said Aguilar. "We're just going to make it happen downtown."

Midlanders interested in being a vendor can fill out an application by calling the So Fly Boutique at (432) 218-7822. Vendors must be a small business owner to apply.

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