Recovering from Heroin addiction

Recovering from Heroin addiction
Zach Neuser, recovering heroin addict. (source:KWES.)

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - The latest statistics from the National Institute on Drug abuse says that more than 64,000 people died last year because of drug overdoses alone.

Zach Neuser is a recovering heroin addict and he said in his experience with doing heroin, "It highjacks part of your brain, right, so when you have the need for food, water, shelter... Now, there is this extra that I need, I need this drug. I need this drug or I am going to die."

He started doing drugs, at the age of 15, first at parties, drinking and smoking marijuana. Then, it escalated as he tried to fill a void in his life.

He started to dive deeper down a dark hole and started to experiment with other drugs. He wanted something harder and more of a high, he began to take "lower tabs," a street term for painkillers that contain opioid.

The addiction became stronger, needing a bigger high he started snorting "black tar," a heroin-based drug.

"Black tar, it literally looks like black tar, but you mix it with water and you can shoot it, smoke it or do IV Heroin. I started off snorting it then I started doing IV heroin," said Neuser.

He says the feeling of doing heroin for the first time is an incredible feeling and that's how the drug gets you. That incredible feeling only lasts the first couple of times doing it, afterward, it becomes something you need to survive.

"You know, my friends would call it medicine and I would be like, "why are you calling it medicine?" And I did and after a while, I am not doing it to get high anymore I'm doing it to not go thigh-exerting withdraws and not wanting to blow my brains out.  I am doing it so I can feel normal because when I am not doing it, I am throwing up, my body hurts, I can't get out of bed and at that point you're stuck," Neuser said.

If you feel you need help or know some that that wants help, there are resources out there.

You can contact The Springboard Center by calling (432) 620-0255 or visiting their website by clicking here.

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