Signs you might need to stop drinking

Signs you might need to stop drinking
Signs you are drinking too much. (Source: KWES)

(KWES) - More than 86 percent of people 18 and older drink alcohol at some point in their lifetime, according to the latest national survey on Drug and Health.

The acceptance of drinking alcohol starts in the home.

Often times the fine line between social drinking and addiction gets crossed without realizing it. This becomes an even bigger issue when alcohol acceptance is seen at home.

More than 10 percent of children living in the United States live with a parent that has a problem with alcohol, according to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Jennifer Constable is a recovering alcoholic, she was a part of that statistic.

"I was raised that it was normal to drink. As a little kid, I was allowed to drink some," Constable said.

She said that many people do not see that invisible line of drinking too much because they do it to be social. They don't see alcohol as a drug or something to really be concerned about.

"It wasn't a problem, if I was doing heroin, that was a problem, which I didn't do, so to me, it was completely okay for me to drink alcohol," Constable said.

When she recognized that she could not stop and she had to have a drink every day, she checked herself into Springboard Recovery center in Midland.

If you feel you have or someone you know has a problem drinking. There are options for help.

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