Centennial Library calling all local veterans to help preserve history

Centennial Library calling all local veterans to help preserve history

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland County Public Library is asking local veterans to help preserve history.

With Veterans Day coming up and to honor those who served, the library is teaming up with West Texas Public Radio to record and archive stories of local veterans.

The library says the genealogical research collection is the largest in Texas west of I-35, however, in the collection, they're missing the opportunity to preserve local oral histories.

They're holding the event Thursday, Oct. 26.

Each veteran will have their own hour-long session and can take their time to tell their story. They will be interviewed by West Texas Public Radio and only audio will be recorded and won't be on live on-air. The audio will then be edited and condensed to 5 minutes, stored on a CD into the library's archive collection. Some stories could also be broadcast on public radio.

"It's not just our heritage as people in Midland. It's an American experience. With Veterans Day coming up, I think it's appropriate we recognize the contribution of our military. It's important as Americans to appreciate our armed forces and our men and women in uniform," said Centennial Library Manager, Jane Holt.

If you are a veteran or know someone, contact the library's genealogy clerk, Kim Reddin, at (432) 742-7440 or e-mail here.

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