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Pink in the park, an event that pays tribute to those affected by breast cancer

Pink in the Park Pink in the Park
A number of people showed up to the community event, where they either watched, participated or even cried during the five hour long program. Midland's Gifts of Hope assembled the event, which had many organizations there who were either breast cancer advocates or supporters to those who have been affected.
Brenda Jones, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer said, "If you got God with you, you can battle anything. He picks us out to be picked on, so I am a living testament to say with God I can do anything." She said that it is her spiritual beliefs and support from her family and friends who help her stay inspired to fight her diagnosis.
Jones found out she had cancer when she was boarding a flight to Dallas, for Bishop T.D. Jakes,  "Megafest 2017," last summer. Since then she has completed four rounds of chemotherapy, and she will soon start a 12 week long course of chemotherapy, addition to that, a 33 week long treatment of radiation.
Jones said she looks forward to coming to event like these in the future.
A west Texas social worker, Sandra Saenz, stated that Pink the Basin is an event where those impacted by breast cancer can find community at a gathering where everyone can relate to each other in some sort of way. She said it's common for people to be afraid to ask for help when they need it or not express when they are feeling alone. These sort of inactive actions can easily result into depression.

"So make sure if you were recently diagnosed with breast cancer, you are seeking help because your mind is something a lot of people don't focus on, especially when your physical well being is the focus after your diagnosis, but your mental health is just as important," said Saenz.

 A 70-year-old-woman, named Irma Maulmontri, boasted how healthy, fit and happy she was and gave advice to everyone who was in earshot, that there is a simple formula to beating cancer and living a long life.

"All you have to do is eat right, laugh, have faith, and not worry about tomorrow, then you can live a life that will beat any kind of cancer," said Maulmontri.
Maulmontri said she had a family member defeat cancer by following her formula and that she has nothing but compassion for those who are afflicted.

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