OPD's SWAT, Negotiating teams brush up on skills

OPD's SWAT, Negotiating teams brush up on skills

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - To protect and serve.

"In this day and age there's always going to be a hostage situation or family disturbances," Lt. Darryl Smith, SWAT Commander with the Odessa Police Department.

So to stay ahead, the Odessa Police Department's SWAT and Crisis Negotiating Team practiced what to do in those situations.

"What we want to do first is have negotiators at least try to talk these people out and we're the second resort," said Smith.

There was no pressure on during training on Thursday but the two departments, 50 officers in total, went through each drill step-by-step.

"We start off by trying to make contact with the subject. We work on making our movements, getting up close to the location," said Smith.

Doing all of it, especially in an abandoned home on the 2800 block of University Blvd., made for a great learning experience.

"It gives an opportunity to see different floor plans and have them to be able to think and figure out a way of solving a situation," said Smith.

Once a year, the two divisions get together to have this training as they continue to protect and serve the community.

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