Company aims to get a permit for waste facility in Martin Co.

Company aims to get a permit for waste facility in Martin Co.

MARTIN COUNTY, TX (KWES) - One company is working to get a permit and it's all to build an oil and gas disposal pit outside of Midland County.

The Texas Railroad Commission said the company, High Roller Martin County Landfill LLC., applied for their permit application in September. If approved, they'll use 160 acres of land where they can dispose of non-hazardous solid waste.

The site will be in Martin County and about 15 miles north of the Tall City. Neighbors in one residential area said they didn't mind having a waste facility since it's 10 miles away.

"It's fine with me, it's supposed to be several miles away so I don't think anybody is going to sweat too much. There's a frack over there, rigs over there, wells over there all within several miles where people are living now, so I don't think anyone is going to sweat too much about a waste facility," said Michael Kmetz. "People are pretty good about keeping it environmentally friendly and keeping the noise level down so it's been great."

The Railroad Commission said companies must send out a public notice within the county where the facility is located. All of the Midland residents we spoke with told us they didn't hear about the proposed facility since companies are not required to send a public notice to surrounding counties.

So far, The Texas Railroad Commission told us they haven't received any complaints or concerns regarding the permit but said if anyone wanting to send a protest would have to do it through their Technical Permitting Section, Oil and Gas Division. They must be sent in writing and received by Oct. 27.

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