Survey hopes to find whether there's a gap between veterans and vet services

Survey hopes to find whether there's a gap between veterans and vet services

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Texas Veterans Commission working to find out whether more vets in rural areas need better access to healthcare.

A 2015 report by the Veterans Affairs found there was a gap between both. For the most part, some obstacles that stood in the way were the long-distant drives vets were making, some which resulted in missed appointments. Other challenges vets faced included fewer health care providers, their limited access to the internet, or a lower average household income.

The Texas Veterans Commission conducted a survey last year that showed veterans made 8.1% of the population in rural counties, compared to 6.2% of the population in urban counties. Since many Texas counties are considered rural, the accessibility to veteran services has become a concern.

But is there a large correlation between those numbers and vets in West Texas? This year, the TVC is asking veterans in the area to take part in a survey to find out.

Organizations like the Midland Vet Center, the Disabled American Veterans and Midland College will create a focus group using representatives in the area to go over the surveys.

"If we talk to veterans and we get their perspective on what their needs are, we need them to tell us and get their participation on what it is they need."

The results of the survey will be tallied up this weekend to address whether or not there is a gap between local veterans and healthcare, and if there is, how the gap can be closed.

To take the survey, click here.

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