ECISD uses app to get students engaged in and out of the classroom

ECISD uses app to get students engaged in and out of the classroom

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - With just a push of a button, one app is changing the game for students. It's called FlipGrid, it's one of the new features ECISD is utilizing in their innovation department this year.

"The curators of Flipgrid asked me to do an explorer series. In that series, we designed a grid that would consist of subject areas," said Chief Innovation Officer Jason Osborne.

Osborne said the app gets students engaged on many topics by sending a short video clip. There's topics like fossils, a grid he recently opened and is now receiving around 21,000 interactions from students locally and globally.

"You really become engaged with the students, and I've learned a lot from the students," said Osborne. "Now I'm a voyeur of questions I didn't know they would ask because they have that freedom and that luxury of asking those questions at their leisure."

Students must have parental permission before using the app, all videos are moderated and approved before posted. Jason hopes the app gives kids the chance to expand their knowledge outside the classroom.

"That is something we really have to think about in the classroom setting," said Osborne. "How many kids are afraid to ask questions in a classroom setting."

ECISD hopes this app is the next step to using innovation and technology to heighten curiosity.

"Students, they're creative, they have great questions," said Osborne. "They're inspired and we don't want to shelter that. We want them to expand as much as possible. FlipGrid gives them another opportunity to do that through a video-based platform."

To check out the fossils grid, type in "fossils" as the grid code here.

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