City of Midland proclaims Oct. 16 as Superhero Bella Day

City of Midland proclaims Oct. 16 as Superhero Bella Day

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's a story we brought you about a Midland girl who had a few weeks to live. On Monday night, the City of Midland proclaimed Oct. 16 as Superhero Bella Day for 10-year-old Bella Gamboa who has been fighting for her life. She's described as a superhero and a star in their eyes. Bella has a terminal diagnosis with little time left.

"It's hard on all of us," said Ted Velarde, Bella's grandfather. "But we're trying to be strong but it's coming to reality."

With a last wish of wanting to go to the beach and visit Disney Land, Officer Damon Cole with the Fort Worth Police Department made her wish come true. Using what was supposed to be money to fix his car, instead became Bella's dream that turned to reality. Cole runs the non-profit, Heroes & Cops Against Childhood Cancer in Fort Worth. He took part to help raise funds for Bella's family during her journey.

"God came to me and said take care of this family," said Cole. So, I said you know what, I'm going to pay for your trip. My car is nothing. We can replace a car. We can't replace Bella. I made sure they were able to go to Disneyland, go to the beach, I rented them a beach house, I rented them an RV. I made sure they were taken care of in any way possible. So they can have a lot of wonderful memories."

Bella and her family came back this weekend after spending time in California to fulfill her last wish.

"She loved that sand when she put her feet in it," said Janie Velarde, Bella's grandmother. "You could see the smile on her face. She was glowing and when we went to Disney Land, she met every character.  They gave autographs, we took pictures and videos. We have a lot of memories. We're so grateful for Cole for doing this for us."

And outside her favorite restaurant, Monterrey Cocina Mexicana, Mayor Jerry Morales announced a proclamation and the Midland Police Department swore Bella in. The community stopped at no cost to show Bella she has a place in their hearts.

"Her family will always have the key to our city," said Mayor Jerry Morales. "We love you very much, Bella."

"It's awesome to see the community come together like this, we didn't expect it," said Ted. "We really didn't. Bella, she's special and we love her to death. Officer Damon Cole is an awesome man. He came through for us and went way beyond to do this for us. He really did."

Although Batman stood in the crowd Monday night, he said the real hero is the hero making that fight of her life.

"She believes I'm Batman," said Cole. "I want her to know that Batman thinks that you're his hero. If that helps her get up and think, 'I got to fight today because Batman wants me to.' That's why I do it."

To help donate to Bella's family, you can click here.

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