Intramural sports allow students to remain athletes

Intramural sports allow students to remain athletes

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's a situation many high school athletes can relate to after graduation.

"I played football in high school and I didn't get any offers. I was kinda disappointed I thought man my athletic career is over," said Colten Ryan.

But that's where intramural sports come in, an opportunity that allows students to continue to play the games they love while in college.

"We offer them a chance to come out, play, have fun. Continue their athletic career and meet a lot of good people in the process," said Ryan.

Colten Ryan participated in intramurals while he was at Midland College and later at UTPB, now he's working on his masters in kinesiology and leading the intramural sports program at Midland College.

His passion for sports and passion for people makes the gig a perfect fit.

"I mean you can't really be a bump on a pickle and be an intramural sports coordinator, you're constantly interacting with kids. I have kids in my office all the time just talking about school sports or anything going on," said Ryan.

While he thought coaching was his path, he feels like he's in the right place.

"My parents always told me if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life and since I got hired I feel like I really haven't worked because I love what I do," said Ryan.

In the fall, the focus is the flag football. But in the spring, the schedule switches to basketball which Ryan says is a sport that attracts a high number of participants.

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