Cyber Security: Ways to stay safe on the web

Cyber Security: Ways to stay safe on the web
Cyber security. (Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - We are officially in a technological world, the way we do things, from shopping to paying bills using the web is a part of daily life. But as we have adapted to using the Internet more, so have criminals.

Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Sections say more than 4,000 ransom malware attacks happen every day since 2016.

If you have never heard of a ransomware, it is the "bad guy" when it comes to software. It is designed to block access to your computer system until money is paid.

What has experts so concerned is that is a 300% increase compared to the years in the past, where only 1,000 ransomware attacks occurred daily.

The city of Midland is offering a cybersecurity class where people can come and learn more tips on staying safe in a technical world.

One tip is as simple as looking at your website address.

"In front of the website there is H-T-T-P-S, you always want to see the "s" in the website address. It means that it's secure. It means that they're certified, that they've got some encryption," said Jennifer Frescaz, City of Midland Assistant Dir. Communication Systems.

And not clicking on advertisements even if you are on a legitimate website.

"When you see an advertisement for, Lending Tree or for or something else. Don't click from there. If you want to look for something else, go to that website directly," said Frescaz.

If you are interested in learning more about the class, click here.

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