Lt. Governor Dan Patrick discusses Texas fighting against cyber threats

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick discusses Texas fighting against cyber threats

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and the State of Texas is making sure they are better protected against cyber threats.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick announced this week that he appointed a Cyber Security Council for the state.

"This is a new select committee we formed in the senate to look at this issue," said Patrick. "We have seen all over the country where people are able to hack into retail accounts, into countries, into every type of imaginable account and make sure we're doing our best to protect our information in the state of Texas."

The Council addresses cybersecurity issues and better ways to protect state agencies against threats. One of their tasks is to take measures and make sure state agencies like the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles for example, have databases that strongly protect your personal information.

"We all know in all of our private lives, and in business, in particular, the government level, more of our information is stored online somewhere," said Patrick.

The Texas Cybersecurity Act went into effect just last month, the bill gives state agencies regulations to follow. The regulations include requiring a chief information security officer to review security plans, to using the most efficient cloud service, or destroying personal information if the agency isn't required to keep it.

"If someone could hack into evidence in a civil or criminal trial, files that police or sheriff's or state police have," said Patrick. "On a criminal side, business, commercial, retail side, and from a government standpoint, all our 27 million citizens who sign up for various programs, we need to keep that information secure."

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said the best way you can take precautions to stay secure is be mindful of the information you share online since hackers can get into your e-mail or phone.

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