New medical center aims to use new methods when dealing with health issues

New medical center aims to use new methods when dealing with health issues

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Heart disease and high blood pressure, those are just some of the health issues plaguing Midlanders and the surrounding communities. With the opening of the Lifestyle Medicine Center in Midland, doctors are tailor-making plans for specific people to combat those health issues.

"We wanted to make Midland the healthiest community in Texas and so we had to figure out how we were going to do that," said Julie Green, Director, Lifestyle Medicine Program.

The answer is found off of Andrews Highway at Midland Memorial Hospital's West Campus.

"Lifestyle medicine is an evidence based practice," said Dr. Padmaja Patel, Medical Director, Lifestyle Medical Center.

Dr. Patel is the medical director for the new center which takes a different approach to dealing with serious health issues.

"High cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and some of the auto-immune diseases," said Patel.

They attack the issues not with prescriptions but with personal treatment, exercise plans and holistic medicine.

"Our focus is to actually change the root cause of the problem instead of just addressing the symptoms," said Patel.

Making the community healthier is what the new Lifestyle Medical Center will strive to do.

"It's time to take control of your healthcare. You don't have to be passively walled and pop pills everyday," said Patel.

When its doors open after Wednesday, the community will have a new method of healthcare.

A ribbon cutting ceremony is set for Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. Dr. Patel says the facility will help everyone and accepts all major insurance coverage.

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