Opposing teams come together after injury

Opposing teams come together after injury

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - With under two minutes left in the first half, the Bronchos held a 20-3 lead over the San Angelo Central Bobcats.

But in the second half, San Angelo fought back and proved why they've been the district champs for the past four years, scoring 21 points in the third quarter.

In the fourth, a San Angelo senior wide receiver, Jesse Scott, came down hard after making a long reception. Silencing the crowd at Ratliff stadium.

"Damage was pretty much done at that point in the game. I think the main concern for everybody was the kid that got injured at the end of the ball game and taken off in an ambulance. Our wishes go out to San Angelo and that young man and his family," said Odessa Coach Danny Servance.

When the game resumed, the Bobcats secured their win, keeping their undefeated record. While the Bronchos took their fourth straight loss.

But celebrations or signs of defeat were nowhere to be seen on the field, instead, both teams met in the middle and prayed for the injured player who had to leave the game.

"Well, the students got everybody together and led the prayer and everything. I just think that's great that their kids and our kids could come together to do that. I think it really meant a lot to the family and the whole San Angelo community and program," said Coach Danny Servance.

Later Friday night, tweet's were posted from Jesse Scott's Twitter account.They said that he was "doing just fine" and "speaking and moving his body", something that both tight-knit football communities were happy to hear.

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