Odessa church houses unwanted fugitive

Odessa church houses unwanted fugitive
Breanna Rachelle Wilson (Source: Ector County Detention Center.)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Last week, Breanna Rachelle Wilson, 31, made herself right at home on the second level of Parker Heights Christian Church in Odessa.

Catholic Charities is leasing part of the building at the Christian Church while their building is having their roof redone that was severely damaged during a hail storm.

If it were not for a call made by someone that knew Wilson was staying there, she could still be there now.  
"She called a woman and that woman called police and let them know that there was a woman living upstairs on the second floor of the church, The police came with a staff person from the church and search the building and found her. After speaking with her, she let them know that she had been living there since Wednesday," said Emily Mariuffo, of Catholic Charities in Odessa.   

Wilson's friend and also the same woman that called the police on her said, that Wilson would hide in the bathroom and wait until everyone left for the night. Once the building was empty, she would go downstairs in the kitchen and eat their food. She then would walk upstairs and make the place her own   
"So, we actually had couches set up here. You can actually see the marks here and she moved it in the closet over there," said Michael Clark with Catholic Charities of Odessa.

Wilson moved a loveseat inside a closet, so that she was hidden from people finding her. She also had lamps nearby where she was able to turn on lights in the dark of the night.

The church said, the main reason that they chose to press charges against Wilson was the safety of their members, especially children.   
"We have children Sunday school. We were concerned about the children and everyone that was in the building," said Mariuffo.

The charity group was tipped off by someone that knew Wilson and said that she was a wanted person from Oklahoma.  

When Odessa Police arrested Wilson, no known warrants or information was given to them that she was indeed a missing person.

We reached out to Pawnee County Sheriffs Office in Oklahoma and found that Wilson does in fact have a bench warrant for a failure to appear in court. The charges against her were for a D.U.I. charge from last year.   

There is no known reason to why Wilson chose to flee to West Texas and be homeless.

As for Catholic Charities. they hope that Wilson seeks the help that she needs.

"She would be able to get the help that she needed, mentally or shelter wise, by contacting her family who was in Oklahoma because she was a missing person for 3 months and the police would be able to get her back home and get her the help that she needs," said Mariutto.

Since the discovery over the weekend, the charity group is asking everyone who comes in to the church to sign-in as a precaution of knowing who is in and out daily.

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