Midland survivor recounts memories at Vegas shooting

Midland survivor recounts memories at Vegas shooting

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - She ran for her life and survived. Midland resident Shauna Vasquez is one of the hundreds of survivors from the Las Vegas shooting who now has a second chance at life.

"It wasn't until that man fell behind us," said Vasquez. "He was directly behind us. We saw him go down. All you can see was him lifeless on the ground. His wife holding him. To think in this moment, eyes opened and hearing and feeling the bullets hit beside us. You can feel them hit the ground."

She and her husband were celebrating their anniversary in Vegas, but what was supposed to be their escape and getaway, turned to chaos and violence.

"I had my hand on my husbands back," said Vasquez. "I had him locked down. I didn't want to let him go. I felt blood all over his back. He didn't think he was hit. I told him, 'I just can't let you go. I can't let you go. I can't live without you. I can't go home by myself.' The moment passing, I remember thinking I'm just going to hold you and we're just going to die here."

Climbing and jumping fences to escape the gunfire, fear struck as they ran through streets thinking the shooter was coming. While her husband was in her arms, her daughter was on her mind.

"That moment I'm crying to my husband, 'Please don't let me die here. Please take me home to my baby. I can't leave her on her own.'"

But now, Shauna said even though they lived through the tragedy, it's hard to live through the memories.

"I knew we were just going to die together in that moment I know so well," said Vasquez. "I feel it's weird to think we lived through it. To hold my daughter, everything is so surreal. I feel like we'll find our way and make sure we use this second chance."

Vasquez told us she hasn't left her house since she's been home and feels it will probably be a long time before they are ever in a crowd of people again.

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