Friends remember teen killed in head-on crash over the weekend

Friends remember teen killed in head-on crash over the weekend

A group of Permian High School students are remembering the life of one of their own. Nathaniel Silvas passed away after a head on collision over the weekend. His girlfriend is still in the hospital. To lift their spirits, they are recalling the laughs and inside jokes they shared.

It's been a hard few days, but laughing and reminiscing gets them by.

"He was a really positive person. There was nothing bad about him," said Alex Contreras.

"Everyone knew him. You either loved him or hated him, but most people loved him," said Permian High junior Garrett Golden.

Nathaniel Silvas' friends knew him as a fun, outgoing person who could make anyone smile. Just a 16-year-old and a junior with his whole life ahead of him."

"We just think we are going to see him in the hallways and we don't," said Marshall Kamali, Nathaniel's best friend.

Everything changed early Sunday morning when his truck was hit head-on, sending him and his girlfriend to the hospital.

"I was getting texts and calls from everyone saying something was wrong with Nathaniel. I started crying and ran out to my mom and said we have to go to the hospital right now," said Kamali.

Kamali immediately called all of their friends to meet at the hospital. Gathered around him and his family, they were able to say their goodbyes.
"I am glad that I got to let him know that I loved him and I cared so much about him. Words can't describe it. That was like my little brother. I felt like I was empty," said Matthew Kessler, a senior at Permian.

Through this tragedy, the boys have become even more close together, frequently spending time with Nate's family to help them get through this.

Walking through those halls that they once shared with their best friend will never be the same. 

"He's always going to be in our memory and we are never going to forget about him," said Marshall.

"Welcome to Chili's. We love you Nate!" they all chanted, which is an inside joke among the boys.

Marshall says Nate's girlfriend was transferred to a hospital in Dallas, where she will undergo more surgery. Her condition is expected to improve.

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