Midland RockHound inspiring youth through letters

Midland RockHound inspiring youth through letters

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - In 2015, Jermaine Curtis, a professional baseball player with major league experience, came across a couple articles that took him by surprise. Both wrote about the decline of funding for and participation in youth sports programs in public schools.

This led to his decision to create "Pros Cave," a site that allows parents to subscribe their kids to receive letters from professional athletes.

He began by charging a subscription, with the money raised going to SportsMatter.Org, a youth sports foundation started by Dick's Sporting Goods.

But now he sells memorabilia on his website and donates the proceeds made from the items. That enables him to send out an inspirational personalized note free of charge to anyone who signs up.

"I'm seeing more kids that want to be professional baseball players and kids that are collectors. Their parents sign them. I've been having fun with it. Honestly, today that's all I've been doing. Like this morning when you texted me, I was sending letters. I had like 10 letters on the ground right now," said Curtis.

He says the feedback has made his work worthwhile.

"A few days ago, this dad reached out to me he said you sent a letter to my son who has autism. He loves video games and the best part of it was that you personalized and said if you lose a game, you just gotta play another one and he was like real inspired by that," said Curtis.

Jermaine dreams of being able to inspire kids across the nation and hopes that more athletes will join him in picking up a pen and paper after playing a game on the diamond.

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