Medical Center Hospital says plan is in place to help large amounts of injured people

Medical Center Hospital says plan is in place to help large amounts of injured people

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - After the Las Vegas tragedy, many are starting to wonder how prepared hospitals are to take in a large amount of people in West Texas. Medical Center Hospital (MCH) in Odessa said they're ready.

The trauma unit is a room no one wants to find themselves inside of, but MCH said they're ready to use it.

"We're going to take in the most severe patient," said Emergency Management Coordinator, Amanda Everett. "We make sure if there's anything we can do quickly to take care of those patients and then move them up to the OR [operating room] if needed and the other patients will kind of shift through them as we can get to them, always looking at the most severe patients first."

The ambulance will rush patients through the entrance right next to the trauma unit, all the tools a doctor needs are already there and much of the information about the patient is already transferred digitally.

About 150 trauma patients are treated there every month and hospital workers train for it several times per year.

"We look at what's happened at different places and then obviously there's the basics like a tornado, active shooter and what direction we need to take in the hospital," said Everett. "[We ask ourselves] Do we need to buy more things to take care of these patients?"

Many situations with large amounts of casualties can't be prevented but Everett recommends you always be aware of your surroundings.

"Try to make sure the type of businesses or the type of events that are going on around you so that you understand and kind of be prepared with yourself if there needs to be an exit planned," said Everett. "Nobody ever thinks that it's going to happen to you and unfortunately in now-a-day times things can happen and they do every day."

MCH has a regional plan in place in case a tragedy happens affecting hundreds of victims where other hospitals and staff would step in to help.

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