Domestic violence awareness month brings up Monica's Law again

Domestic violence awareness month brings up Monica's Law again
Purple ribbon to show support in domestic violence awareness month. (Source: KWES)

(KWES) - Tuesday morning, a crowd mixed of law enforcement, advocates and domestic violence survivors gathered together on the lawn of Ector County Courthouse.

The speakers, who were mostly leaders in Ector County, wanted to offer support to those that have struggled with domestic violence and build a bridge of hope to victims, survivors and law enforcement.

Jon Nielsen, was also in the crowd, his daughter Monica Demming was murdered by her abusive ex-boyfriend, Brandon Leyva nearly 2 years ago.

Nielsen, was not a speaker today, but has been a big backbone to push Monica's Law to go forward in the Texas house.

A bill named in honor of his would be 34-year-old, daughter, Monica Demming.

Nielsen says her death could have been avoided had she known more about Leyva's abusive violent past.

"She suspected that something was wrong with her ex-boyfriend, but nothing showed up he had no history, no past...there was just noting on him," said Nielsen.

Survivors like Lisa Griffin-Hamm couldn't agree more with the passing of Monica's Bill. Hamm, after more than 10 years, left a very abusive relationship and testified about strength, moving forward and getting out of abusive relationships as keynote speaker.

"Several women a day are killed by their abusive partner whether it's their husband or boyfriend and it happens to regular people that you think it would never happen," said Griffin-Hamm.

House Bill 2315, known as Monica's Bill, will still need to pass the Texas house floor before being enacted as an official law.

If the law were to pass, it would make it easier to see past protective orders of an offenders and that could potentially make someone rethink or get out of an abusive relationship.

"He took away a mother to her little son, which is probably the most tragic of the whole thing. The most tragic was the loss of a mother for a little boy," said Nielsen.

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