Child illustrator of "middle-aged Batman" contacted by national TV show

Child illustrator of "middle-aged Batman" contacted by national TV show

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's a story we brought you last week. Presley Leggett, a Midland girl, had her drawing of "middle-aged Batman" shared all over the Internet. She's gotten so much attention that she's was contacted by the TV show, Little Big Shots, that airs on NBC.
Presley Leggett is at it again.

"She took a break from her job since she got a new baby," said Presley, showing her newest illustration.

She's taken the advice of her fans on Reddit and created "Wonder Mom."

"She loves Starbucks. She still wears her front suit," said Presley.

She's a bit of a stereotype, modeled after her own mother, but Amanda Wilbourn is a bit of a "Wonder mom."

She's taken the role as Presley's momager, "It's a new thing that I was not prepared for," said Wilbourn. "It was a very surreal conversation. When I hung up the phone, I was just thinking, 'This is not my life.'"

The latest call from producers of Little Big Shots.

"She was really excited about Presley. She thought it was a hilarious concept and that Presley was really talented and that she would make a good candidate for the show."

"I'm like nervous, excited. All those things," said Presley.

The show is taped in Los Angeles and the producers say if she is picked, she will also get a tour of Disney's animation studios. Something she's always dreamed of.

"Their animators are amazing. The animators there are really talented," said Presley, who wants to one day work for Disney.

Presley continues her drawings of "middle-aged Batman." His sidekick is coming along well.

"He's like one of those grandpas that can't hear at all. He wears glasses that kind of look like his mask," said Presley showing her drawing of Robin.

Presley has gotten used to all the attention on her, but she hopes one particular talk show host will take notice.

"I love the Ellen Show. I have been watching it for a while now. She's amazing I love her. I love all the things she's done. I really hope I can get on. It's one of my favorite shows to watch," said Presley with excitement.

Presley has a trademark pending on her drawings.

If she is picked for Little Big Shots, she will travel to Los Angeles in October or November for the taping. Little Big Shots' season 2 just had its season finale this past June.

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